Looking for Emojis!

Hello, all!

Today I am starting a new initiative to bring the San Tan Lions Discord up from the ground. I have launched a new channel on this Discord for anyone to share their creation that they would like turned into a Lions Club emoji! Plus, winners will receive a cool Pink Creative Helper Role!

  1. To enter, just upload your emoji to the #emoji channel on the server or via email at emoji@santanlions.org
    • Winners will be selected every week on Friday starting March 20, 2020
    • Emojis that are selected from email will require a response that includes the Discord Username (including numbers) and Server Nickname
    • The prize will not be substituted if you choose not to join the server
    • You will be notified if your emoji wins
    • Boosting the server or submitting a donation to the San Tan Lions Club will not increase your chances of winning, although it will help increase the total Emoji slots
  2. You may send in static or animated emojis, however animated emojis will only be usable by Nitro users
  3. Make sure your emoji is under 256kb in size, emojis that exceed this limit may be compressed which may lower its quality
  4. Emojis that do not fit within the channel's theme may be disqualified
  5. If there are no new emojis to select, there will be no new emoji for the server
Static Emoji Slots Open: 50/50
Animated Emoji Slots Open: 50/50
(Yes, I will be deleting the logo emojis once entrees start coming in)

Server Boosts do not constitute donations to the San Tan Lions Club and are thus not eligible to be written off on your tax return, they are a monthly transaction between you and Discord.


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