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View from the Vest - December, 2019

My key opens the Post Office box: two more letters applying for help with eye care. Got my work cut out for me. The letters go into my pocket. Noticing the spatter spot on my front it becomes clear that somebody left pop in their can before dropping it into the recycle barrel. It's a dumpster diving danger. The spatter looks like another pin. I am weighted down with fourteen pins on my front, and a name tag. I am Lion Mary's vest. This vest has been hanging around San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, and Florence doing community service for eleven years now. It's a heavy load to carry. Looking for like-minded individuals, or whole families, who will put on the vest, and help our communities to see better. We will go into schools and screen the eyesight of children, some of whom can't recognize the difference between a b and a k. We will screen the eyesight of adults who haven't been able to read for years; then we will help them get corrective lenses. We put e